Our mission is to form and grow technology companies based on innovative science and engineering that can improve the world.

Company History

VIC was established in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 2000 as a consulting company to assist technology company entrepreneurs by providing an experienced team of business development experts. The team was spread across multiple young companies in order to keep costs carefully controlled. In 2002, VIC switched the focus of its work and began itself creating technology companies, based on exclusively licensed technologies. Typically, in the formation of these companies, VIC partnered with the university professor who was the primary inventor of the technology being exclusively licensed.

VIC Offices in Innovation Center

By 2003, new venture development had become the sole focus of VIC and the consulting work was phased out. In 2011, VIC formed a sister company, Atlantic VIC, in Waltham, Massachusetts. Today, VIC has portfolio companies ranging from newly established companies that are seeking their first funding to established ventures with growing production and sales. Technologies that form the intellectual property foundation for these portfolio companies have been exclusively licensed from research institutions around the country. Many of these promising technologies, typically not fully proven at the time of license, were further developed first using non-dilutive government grants and then private investment once some of the risk had been mitigated.

VIC and Atlantic VIC portfolio companies include a well-diversified range of industries and products that encompass diagnostics (Ascendant Diagnostics, CardioWise), medical devices (SFC Fluidics, OsteoVantage), pharmaceuticals (BiologicsMD), environmental (BlueInGreen), food safety (BioDetection Instruments), manufacturing and materials (NanoMech, TiFiber), nutrition (Nutraceutical Innovations, Sevo Nutraceuticals), computing (NanoWatt Design) and life sciences instrumentation and research tools (Minotaur Technologies, AT Biosciences). When choosing technologies to license and serve as the initial intellectual property foundation for a new portfolio company, or to expand the opportunity for an existing portfolio company, we look for transformative technologies. These technologies offer a significant benefit to the industry in which they exist and have the potential to make significant and positive impact on quality of life. In short, we create companies that provide Technology Solutions for a Better World.